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The Aarão do Brasil Group , founded in 1992, by Ricardo Coelho Aarão, is a Brazilian industry, headquartered in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES), specialized in animal supplementation. The branch of animal supplementation has grown in the country and the Aarão Group, with more than 20 years in the market, knows the importance of maintaining quality in its rigorous manufacturing process. The industry has skilled professionals and precision technology to ensure the excellence of its products, according to MAPA requirements.

Aarão do Brasil has Pet, Vet and Premix products. In addition, in the Aarão Group you find specific products for birds. Here, the difference is that we speak the same language, we are part of a nation that preserves the birds, the "Nation Passarinheiros".

To better serve all customers, We have distributors in different regions of the country, thus facilitating the obtaining of the products, as well as the clarification of doubts.

Environmental responsibility is part of our projects

The concept of sustainability represents a new approach to doing business that reduces the use of natural resources and impacts on the environment while preserving the integrity of the planet for future generations. We recycle all waste generated in our factory and in our offices. We believe that through individual actions, a great step is being taken in defense of Planet Earth.

We thank all producers, breeders and shopkeepers throughout Brazil for their preference.

Quality has a name, Aarão do Brasil .