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Bag of 1kg and 25 kg with doser.


It is a Premix vitamin and supplemental mineral with antimicrobial additive Monensina sodium, used as a performance enhancer, its action on the performance of the animal is related to a series of effects on the ruminal metabolism, as the increase of energy retention during fermentative processes in the Rumen Indicated for growing bovine, replacement or breeding cattle and in confinement.

The Silver Gross Weight reduces the degradation of food protein and decreases the synthesis of microbial protein, increasing the amount of food-derived protein that reaches the small intestine. It also prevents coccidioses in cattle among the species of Eimeria that affect the cattle, three are particularly pathogenic: E. bovis, E. zuernii and E. auburnensis. The most serious cases occur in young animals up to 1 year of age and still animals confined for fattening or calving. Outbreaks usually occur within the first month of life, with an incubation period of 17 to 21 days.

Monensina sodium reduces the production of methane gas emitted by cattle, and improves the fermentation standard and the ruminal energetic metabolism, generating weight gain and feed conversion, which directly implies the profit margin of the producer. And, it has been shown to be efficient for the prevention of mild infections, having the advantage of presenting better palatability, and, thus, also providing greater weight gain.


Calcium (Min) / (Max) 92/300 g/kg

Phosphorus (Min) 43.75 g/kg

Magnesium (Min) 9000 mg/kg

Iodine (Min) 40 mg/kg

Iron (Min) 437.50 mg/kg

Cobalt (Min) 9 mg/kg

Copper (Min) 480 mg/kg

Zinc (Min) 475 mg/kg

Manganese (Min) 900 mg/kg

Selenium (Min) 140 mg/kg

Vitamin A (Min) 200,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D3 (Min) 25,000 IU/kg

Vitamin E (Min) 5000 IU/kg

Soy Protein Isolate (Min.) 62.50 g/kg

Fluorine (Max) 350 mg/kg

Sulfur Ventilated (Min.) 30 g/kg

Monensin (Min.) 20 g/kg


In the preparation of rations, in the proportion of 1kg per ton of feed. The recommended intake is 10g of the product per animal day, containing 1g monensin / animal / day for cattle in the growth phase, replacement, breeding and confinement.

Withdrawal period: 3 days before slaughter.

Restrictions on use: Do not allow horses or equines to have access to rations containing monensin. Ingestion may be fatal. Exclusive use for cattle.

Contraindications: This product contains ionophore, its use with certain medicinal substances may be contraindicated. Monensin is incompatible with Tiamulin.


Bag of 1kg and 25 kg with doser.


Insane product registration in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

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