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Bag of 1kg and 25 kg with doser.


It is a Premix vitamin and mineral, for mixtures, destined to the Cutting Cattle, of all ages and in all its breeding phases, containing Monensin Sodium and Virginiamycin. Used as a performance enhancer, its action in the animal is related to a number of effects on ruminal metabolism, such as increased energy retention during fermentative processes in the rumen. With this has a rise in carcass and weight gain.

Monensina Sodium and Virginiamycin together, potentiate their action directly in gram-positive bacteria, and accelerate the growth and weight gain of cattle, anticipating slaughter through improved feed conversion and stimulating appetite, saving time and cost until the Slaughter

Gross Weight Gold does not alter the palatability of mineral supplements, it can be used in feed, protein, white or mineral salt, it is widely used in confinement, semi confinement or pasture systems, which can increase the daily weight gain of 150 grams / day, due to the joint action of Monensina Sodica and Virginiamicina.

GROSS WEIGHT GOLD cost x benefits

The expected consumption per day head is 1 to 2 grams animal, getting a cost of $ 0.05 cents day, only the increase provided by GROSS WEIGHT GOLD, if paid and still will give you more profit.

Ex: If the arroba of the ox is R $ 105,00, that is, R $ 7,00 per kg.
Putting a daily gain increase of only 100 grams / day
You will then earn an income of more than R $ 0.70 a day.

Ex. Calculation:

1 kg (1000g) of arroba -------- R $ 7,00

 100g day gain --------------- X = $ 0.70 cents day

Cost of R $ 0.05 day ---- PRODUCTIVE PROFIT of R $ 0.65 day


Calcium (Min) / (Max) 92/300 g/kg

Phosphorus (Min) 43.75 g/kg

Magnesium (Min) 9000 mg/kg

Iodine (Min) 40 mg/kg

Iron (Min) 437.50 mg/kg

Cobalt (Min) 9 mg/kg

Copper (Min) 480 mg/kg

Zinc (Min) 475 mg/kg

Manganese (Min) 900 mg/kg

Selenium (Min) 140 mg/kg

Vitamin A (Min) 200,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D3 (Min) 25,000 IU/kg

Vitamin E (Min) 5000 IU/kg

Soy Protein Isolate (Min.) 62.50 g/kg

Fluorine (Max) 350 mg/kg

Sulfur Ventilated (Min.) 30 g/kg

Monensin (Min.) 20 g/kg

Virginiamycin (Min) 2,000 mg/kg


In the preparation of rations, in the proportion of 1kg per ton of feed. The recommended intake is 10g of the product per animal day, containing 1g monensin / animal / day and 3g virginiamycin / animal / day for cattle in the growth, replacement, breeding and confinement phases.

Withdrawal period: 3 days before slaughter.

Restrictions on use: Do not allow horses or equines to have access to rations containing monensin. Ingestion may be fatal. Exclusive use for cattle.

Contraindications: This product contains ionophore, its use with certain medicinal substances may be contraindicated. Monensin is incompatible with Tiamulin.


Bag of 1kg and 25 kg with doser.


Insane product registration in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

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