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25 kg bag


It is a vitamin supplement premix with anticoccidial additive, indicated for Birds in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria acervulina, E. brunetti, E. necatrix, E. maxima, E. tenella, E. Mivati.
GUARANTEE LEVELS PER KG OF THE PRODUCT:Monensin (Min) 100 g / kg Vitamin A (Min) 650,000 IU / kg Vitamin B12 (Min) 1,000 mcg / kg Vitamin B2 (Min) 150 mg / kg Vitamin C (Min) 4,000 mg / kg Vitamin K3 (Min) 200 mg / kg Brewer's yeast (Min) 50 g / kg Soy Protein Isolate (Min) 50 g / kgHOW TO USE:Used orally: Add 1 kg to 1 Ton of feed. Restrictions on use: Do not use in laying hens and chickens over 16 weeks of age. Do not allow horses or other equines to have access to rations containing monensin, as their ingestion can be fatal. This product contains ionophore, its simultaneous use with certain medicinal substances may be contraindicated. Monensin is incompatible with Tiamulin. Withdrawal Period: 3 days before slaughter.PRESENTATION:25 kg bag.

Insane product registration in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

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