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500g pots with doser. 1 liter bottle with dispenser.
Product registered on the map under nº ES 11020-01021INDICATION OF USE:

Cascovet Aaron is a supplement based on minerals, vitamins and specific amino acids, suitable for medium and large animals, in all cases where supplementation of these nutrients is necessary, providing softness and shine to mammalian hair and bird plumage. . It is an important nutritional supplement for animals at all stages of life, aiming at greater hoof integrity and beautification of animals.
GUARANTEE LEVELS PER KG OF THE PRODUCT: Vitamin B2 (Min) 2400 mg/kg Biotin (Min) 2500 mg/kg Folic Acid (Min) 2400 mg/kg DL-Methionine (Min) 120 g/kg L-Lysine (Min) 180 g/kg Zinc (Min) 5 g/kg Sulfur 20 g/kg Vitamin E (Min) 1000 IU/kg Vitamin A (Min) 200,000 IU/kg   HOW TO USE: Equines, Muares and Asininos adults: 10 g / 10 ml day. Colts (24 months) and Ponies: 5 g / 5 ml day. Adult bovine animals: 10 g / 10 ml per day Calves (12 months): 10 g / 10 ml per day Sheep, goats and ostriches adults: 5 g / 5 ml day.  Lambs, Kids and Ostriches puppies: 1 g / 1 ml day.  Adult swine: 3 g / 3 ml day.  Piglets (6 months): 0.5 g / 0.5 ml day. PRESENTATION: 500g pots with doser. 1 liter bottle with dispenser.

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